Kodiak Alaska Halibut Fishing – A Luxury Cold Water Fishing Vacations Adventure

3 men holding a 244 pound halibut in Alaska

Great Kodiak Alaska Halibut fishing in Old Harbor

Kodiak Alaska halibut fishing – the best fishing vacations in Alaska! If you are in the process of organizing an Alaskan summer fishing vacation, I recommend putting the amazing Kodiak Island on your fishing itinerary!

Three Kodiak Alaska Halibut Fishing Secrets

1. Halibut Fishing Locations

Kodiak, Alaska’s Emerald Isle,  is located just 250 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska. There are many places and fishing lodges to fish for Halibut in Alaska and of course that includes Kodiak Island which is considered one the best fishing destinations in the world. Halibut are bottom fish along with Ling Cod, Black Sea Bass and Yellow Eye, a cold water red snapper. One of the reasons that Kodiak fishing is so unique is the remote location with no fishing pressure and the high fishing limits of 2 Halibut per day per angler.

So where do you find them when fishing in the cold Alaska waters?  We look for rocky, flat areas where the fish like to feed and rest.  In many fishing destinations people fish down to 350 feet we start at 45 feet to around 150 feet.  There is no reason to go any further down when “the big one” can be caught close to the surface!  

2. Halibut Sizes

The type of halibut you can expect to catch from within the deep waters of Alaska are Pacific halibut are beautiful and sport the body shape of a diamond. Their width is almost a third of their length and elongated. Halibut have a sharp arch just over their pectoral fin. These fish can often take on the color of the water’s depths. They are one of the largest fish around, and can boast weights between 15 to 500 pounds with lengths as startling as eight or nine feet long.

There are no slot limits in Kodiak as there are in other parts of the state.  Some anglers prefer to keep 40 – 50 pound Halibut believing that it is a tender fish.  The person pulling in the “barn door” of over 100 pounds is happy to cook that fish up at home for friends and family as well!

3. Halibut Fishing Techniques

Halibut hooks and lures

Common Halibut Hooks and Lures used in Kodiak Alaska

Anglers use bold saltwater equipment to harvest and yield the best halibut. Almost all fishing enthusiasts lean towards fishing with some type of bait. The especially popular bait is herring. However, squid, cod, and octopus pieces are favorites and there are lures that resemble these as well. A good trick to know would be how to get the fish food bait to the depths of enticing the halibut to hop onto your fishing line. You can lower the bait on a sliding sinker in a 4-ounce size up through 4-pounds. However, that depends on the water depth and water current.Next, there really is a “science” to assembling the hooks. There is a round Halibut hook, favored by many Halibut anglers. Tie the hook to the bottom of your fishing line with a bait leader measuring one to three feet, which should then lead to the lead weight of one to two pounds. Halibut feed at the bottom of the water so lower your hook down to the bottom of the ocean. Halibut love very deep water of up to 300 feet so study your nautical maps, and you will have an “edge” in finding highly sought after halibut habitats.

Now many people don’t like “gigging” or fish which is dropping your line to the bottom, then slowly bobbing it up and down off of the bottom.  It can take a while and many get bored.  I love waiting for the hit on my line while watching the whales blow and breach and enjoy the bald eagles overhead.

Experiencing a high-end fishing vacation by staying at Kodiak Sportsman Lodge on Kodiak Island for example is definitely a fishing adventure you will want to share with a group of your family and friends. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing a fun-filled and exciting fishing journey alongside some of your best friends and family members. While you are enjoying the camaraderie and teamwork of an exciting Kodiak Alaska halibut fishing experience, you can look forward to that awesome moment when you realize you just caught several dinners!

Our fishing vacations are remote, beautiful and cater to every level of fishing enthusiast.  Planning a custom and unique fishing experience is our specialty!

Let us do all the planning and handle the details for a stress-free experience. Call today for a direct conversation with all-inclusive results for Kodiak Alaska Halibut fishing vacations or fill out our contact us form. Spend time dreaming about your perfect fishing vacation, not planning it!

  1. Kodiak Island and especially fishing in the cold waters of Kodiak in Alaska sounds like a pretty cool adventure! I didn’t know that there are so many tricks to fish Halibut 🙂 I would love to explore this amazing Kodiak Island and all the nature around it!

    • I would love to share it with you as well. People think of fishing just being FISHING. There is so much more to it than that. In Alaska just being outside is a treat and if you end up with healthy, delicious fish also – that’s a BIG bonus!

  2. Alaska is definitely on my Bucket list and this sounds fabulous!

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