Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge Fishing Packages

Why We Love It

Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge in Thorne Bay on Prince of Wales Island is an Orvis endorsed fly fishing lodge and three time voted “Lodge of the Year” in Alaska.   The Lodge offers the best of both worlds:  exceptional saltwater fishing and fly fishing.  The accommodations and rustic luxury and the cuisine is the best we have ever had at any fishing lodge.    

Package Details

The Lodge offers multi-day, all-inclusive trips with the following pricing based on double occupancy accommodations:

  • 4 nights, 3 days fishing for $5,900
  • 5 nights, 4 days fishing for $6,700
  • 6 nights, 4 days fishing for $7,500

Daily Schedule

Below is a sample four day fishing package.  We will customize your package and can add activities before and after your stay at the Lodge. 

Day One

Getting to the Boardwalk is one of the easier trips to Alaska.  We can fly directly from Florida to the Lodge in one day and be at the Lodge for an early dinner.  Your journey starts by getting from home to Seattle where commercial jet service connects to Ketchikan which is about two hours away.  From Ketchikan, it is a 35-minute float plane ride to Thorne Bay.  Weather is not usually a problem—float plane pilots tell me weather rarely prevents flights to the Boardwalk.  If you have never been on a float plane, this will be a lot of fun for you as well.   Our article “Flying in Alaska is a Way of Life” describes details of planning your air travel and we are always available to help.

Day Two

Breakfast starts at 6:00 am Alaska time and then it is your first day fishing.   If you are going salt water fishing, after breakfast you get your gear and walk down the long boardwalk to the bay.  You will be at the boats about 7:30 am.  Salmon fishing is just a few minutes away and the halibut grounds are a little further—about a thirty minute run.  Boats return to the Lodge around 4:00 pm where you relax, enjoy some hors d’oeuvres, and then have dinner.  All of the cuisine is excellent but my favorite are the hors d’oeuvres.

Day Three

After breakfast you are back on the water for another great day of fishing.  At the Boardwalk, lunch is always good because you make your own.  Guests choose from a lunch buffet with sandwich breads, meats and cheeses and snacks, fruit, cookies and drinks to build a lunch of their tastes.  The staff brings your lunch to the boat for you.  Hot coffee, tea, sodas, popular beers and water are on the boat.    

Day Four

We usually fish a couple of salt water days and then fly fish the lakes and streams.  The Boardwalk has all of the gear you will need to fish like a pro.  You gear up after breakfast and head out.  Prince of Wales Island has over 1,900 miles of roads and the best fly fishing is accessible by driving.  Weather is never an issue—most lodges require fly outs which are often grounded by early morning fog.   Not a problem at the Boardwalk. 

Day Five

Of course you can always choose to salt water or fly fish on any day.  Some people come and just do one or the other.   You will fish a full day on the fourth day and come back to the Lodge for one more wonderful dinner and happy hour.

Day Six

After your last breakfast at the Boardwalk, the staff will help you with your luggage and fish to the dock and your float plane back to Ketchikan.  All of your fish is professionally processed, flash-frozen – then packaged in airline approved boxes to be checked as your baggage in 50 pound boxes.  Float planes pick you up in the morning and you can make connections back to Seattle and home.    

Fish Species

The east side of Prince of Wales Island including Thorne Bay are protected by the island and offer a calm, salt-water ocean experience in the Inside Passage.  Fresh water fishing on Prince of Wales Island is excellent with rivers and lakes accessible by road and fly-out fishing.  Most fish species are in the waters nearly year around and the charts below show the best times for Southeast Alaska Fishing.

Alaska's Boardwalk Lodge Fishing Packages Chart

Fishing is the reason to go to southeast Alaska fishing lodges.  The Boardwalk is located on the water in Thorne Bay and salt water fishing is outstanding.    The general area has many islands, bays, small inlets rivers and streams.  Salmon species travel through these waters in large number to their spawning grounds.  Halibut return from the ocean in the spring and feed in the coastal areas through late fall.  Rock fish and other bottom fish are in the waters year round.

The Thorne river is famous its fly fishing.   The Thorne runs through eastern Prince of Wales Island into Thorne Bay near the Boardwalk.  The Thorne is the largest river but there are numerous smaller rivers and streams that flow down from the mountains.  The road system on Prince of Wales offers southeast Alaska fishing lodges access to more fresh water fishing adventures than any place else in Alaska.

The steelhead run starts in April and peaks in May.  Dolly Varden and cutthroat trout are in the waters from May through September.   Starting in July through the fall, the migrating silver salmon enter the streams in the thousands and pink salmon in huge numbers.  With so many water ways, even in the prime times, you can fish these waters and rarely see another angler.  You can read more about these fish in our article “What Is Your Favorite Alaska Fish Species?  A Difficult Decision.”


The two guest lodges that are “rustic elegance” sit on 26 acres of prime oceanfront property overlooking a solitary tidal inlet of Thorne Bay, Alaska. These lodges comfortably accommodate up to 19 guests.

This is no franks and beans camp. We take gourmet fare seriously — and lodge chefs pride themselves on tantalizing your taste buds! Our culinary staff is carefully chosen to make your dining experience as enjoyable as the breathtaking scenery and phenomenal fishing here in Southeast Alaska. Each day we start off with breakfast made-to-order and end your day with a delectable entree, then deliver a delightful dessert to end a perfect day.

Other Activities

Prince of Wales Island is the third largest island in the US and is part of the Tongass National Forest as is most of southeast Alaska.  The Tongass is the largest national forest in the US and the largest remaining temperate rain forest on earth.

If you have people that prefer not to fish, there are many other activities where you can break out the camera and get outdoors including:

  • Glacier tours
  • Whale watching
  • Canoeing and kayaking
  • Beach combing
  • Guided fly-out trips to remote lakes, rivers, streams and Alaska’s Misty Fjords
  • Wildlife and nature viewing hikes and picnics
  • Guided trips to Anan Creek Bear Observatory
  • Guided excursions to El Capitan Caves
  • Guided eco tours including the Kassan totem Indian village – hidden within Prince of Wales Island’s famous rain forest 

Four days of fishing is a good number of minimum days of fishing. We always take an extra day to relax to see some of the spectacular scenery, flora and fauna of this amazing place before heading home.

Contact Us

I would love to talk with you about anywhere you would like to go.  Prince of Wales Island is an awesome fly fishing destination.  Unlike many lodges, you do not have to fly-out to streams and rivers.  There are no lost fishing days due to weather as the best locations are accessible by vehicle.  There are many streams you rarely see another angler.  The lodge is beautiful and the food fantastic.   Give me a call at 855-711-7773 or complete the contact form below and I will work with you to customize your dream luxury fishing vacation.   Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the water soon.

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