Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge Fishing Packages

Why We Love It

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is a special place for our family.  Our first family fishing vacation was here bringing us all closer together. It also showed us what top-end sport fishing is all about.  We continue to go back to Kodiak every couple of years.  This is the premier destination for people that say “It’s all about the fishing.” 

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge Fishing Packages Details

The Lodge offers multi-day, all-inclusive trips with the following pricing based on double occupancy accommodations:

  • Three days fishing for $3,165
  • Four days fishing for $4,195
  • Five days fishing for $5,195
  • Six days fishing for $6,050

Prices include all fishing equipment, round-trip airfare Kodiak/Old Harbor, AK, lodging and meals, fishing licenses, fish box freight fees,complimentary wine and beer, and fishing processing for 100 pounds of fish (two boxes).  Not included are gratuities,  alcoholic beverages (except for complimentary beer and wine), and travel insurance.

Sample Itinerary – Daily Schedule

Below is a sample four day fishing package.  We will customize your package and can add activities before and after your stay at the Lodge. 

Day One

Flying to Kodiak for most people starts with getting to Seattle and then to Anchorage.  Then you will take an Alaska Airlines flight to Kodiak City, the largest city on Kodiak Island.  You will get your luggage and then proceed to Airlift Airlines which is beside the terminal (it is not a big place) for your thirty minute flight to Old Harbor and Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.  The scenery is amazing.  You arrive at the lodge in time for dinner and select your gear for the next day.  Our article “Flying in Alaska is a Way of Life” describes details of planning your air travel and we are always available to help.

Day Two

Breakfast starts at 6:00 am Alaska time.  Getting up with be easy for most people—it is light outside and you are probably from a time zone ahead of Alaska.  The boats are a very short van ride from the Lodge and by 8:00 am you are on the water.  Boats return to the Lodge around 4:00 pm where you relax, enjoy some hors d’oeuvres, and then have dinner.

Day Three

After breakfast you are back on the water for another great day of fishing.  Hot coffee, tea, sodas, and water are on the boat.  Your lunch is also brought to the boat.   While fishing you may see a variety of wildlife.  We have seen whales, brown bears, eagles, mountain goats, deer, sea lions and seals from the boat.  Check out our photo gallery for some pics. 

Day Four

Another great day of fishing and nature.  Old Harbor is a small village of about 200 people.  We always take a walk at least one evening.  A beautiful Russian Orthodox church is on the edge of town.    Old Harbor was the first Russian settlement in Alaska in the late 1,700’s.  You can read more about the history, geography and culture of Kodiak Island on our Kodiak Island Fishing page.

Day Five

You will fish until about 2:00 pm on your last day.  Bags are packed and ready to go before you go out that morning.  Your fish for this day will be processed while you shower and get ready for your flight back to Kodiak City and connections home.   Depending upon where you live, you can fly all the way home today.   Since we live in Florida and it takes us weeks to recover from red eye flights, we almost always stay in Anchorage a night and take the next day to fly home.  If you fly straight home, don’t worry about your fish—it will stay frozen for over 24 hours and be in great shape for your freezer.

Day Six

If you choose to spend the night, there is freezer space available at the Anchorage airport.  Most hotels have space as well but we typically use the airport freezer—much easier than carrying fish back and forth. 

Fish Species and Seasons

The chart below shows information for the popular Alaska fish species caught at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.

Kodiak Sportsman's Lodge Fishing Packages All Fish Species

The king salmon is the largest species of Pacific that migrates through Kodiak Island.   May and June is the best time to catch kings but there are always some in the waters near Old Harbor.  Silver salmon are aggressive fish that migrate in large numbers through the Sitkalitak Straits and Old Harbor in August and September.   Silvers are a popular Alaska fish species as limits are higher and the migration to the spawning grounds more certain.  The Alaska halibut is the largest bottom flatfish and can weigh several hundred pounds.  This Alaska fish species is a Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge favorite and lives near rock piles and on ledges Sitkalitak Straits.  Anglers fish for halibut from May through September.  Ling cod, Yelloweye, and black bass are also available during the season.  You can read more about these fish in our article “What Is Your Favorite Alaska Fish Species?  A Difficult Decision.”


Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is a traditional fishing lodge that accommodates sixteen guests.  There are six double rooms with double beds and four single rooms with queen beds.  A roll away bed can be added to your room for an additional guest if needed.  Each room has a private bath and daily housekeeping service is provided.   There is an upstairs lounge with satellite television and wireless Internet.

The lodge has a spacious dining room with a cooked to order breakfast and dinner entrees the chef prepares focusing on local cuisine.  During your stay you can expect entrees of prime rib or steak, chicken, and fresh fish in season of course.  Hors d’oeuvres are served before dinner each day and house wine and beer are complimentary with dinner. 

Other Activities

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge is in a remote location with little other than fishing going on.  There is an abundance of wildlife you will see.  We usually come to Alaska early and enjoy another adventure before we go to Kodiak.  For example, on one trip we took the Alaskan Railroad through the interior to Denali and then Fairbanks.  There are also many activities in Kodiak City including bear viewing, stream fishing, flight tours, rafting and more.  We enjoy going on these adventures before going to Old Harbor before we catch all those fish and head home.

Contact Us

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge as a special place in my heart.  The first time I ever went fishing with my family was at KSL.  Bill wrote an article about our family fishing trips called Kodiak Fishing Seasons and Our Family Memories.  I never get tired of going back to Kodiak.   Give me a call at 855-711-7773 or complete the contact form below and I will work with you to customize your dream luxury fishing vacation.   Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the water soon.

Lisa on Boat Luxurious Fishing Vacations in Alaska

-Lisa Montgomery