Luxury Alaska Fishing Vacations – Every Angler’s Dream

Alaska fishing vacations with Luxurious Fishing
Alaska fishing vacations are the dream of every amateur fishing enthusiast!   Trust me, if you could only choose one once-in-a-lifetime fishing vacation adventure, a fishing trip to Alaska is an amazing experience you will never forget.  There are many Alaska fishing destinations and experiences including Kodiak Island, Glacier Bay, and the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska.  Each area offers varying fishing experiences and different geography, cultures, and activities in addition to fishing.

Choose Your Alaska Fishing Vacations Experience

  • You can select an all-inclusive fishing package experience. 
  • Your selection can be personalized as an individually planned trip including fishing, sightseeing trips, and other activities.
  • You can combine your fishing trip with a cruise or a ride on the Alaska Railroad to Denali National Park.
  • You also may want an Alaska fresh water fishing vacation or a salt-water, ocean experience.
  • If you love fly-fishing, Alaskan fresh water fishing in streams and lakes are ideal for this sport and are custom made for you!

Alaska Fishing Vacations Lingcod with Angler at Alaskas Boardwalk Lodge

Alaska Fishing Lodges Offer Different Angling Experiences

Alaska fishing vacations can be at a lodge where you can combine fresh water fly fishing with salt water fishing.   Some lodges offer “Daily fly-out-fishing.”  Each day, guests fly to a different destination to fish for the day.  There are also Alaska fishing lodges located on rivers and fly-outs aren’t necessary. We work with you to design a custom Alaska fishing trip for the experiences you want.

“What an enjoyable experience in working with Lisa on my Kodiak fishing vacation!! She made it so easy and offered many solutions to meet my expectations. My dream fishing vacation package was completely handled and we are looking forward to the trip! I would highly recommend her to anyone planning their dream Alaska fishing vacation.”  04-2016 ~Cathy Smith

I personally prefer ocean and coastal water boating fishing vacations versus stream or fly-out fishing vacations.  At different times of the year in Alaska, you will spend more time trolling for salmon and other times bottom fishing.  Alaska fishing regulations not only allow for catch and release, but at many locations, there is a fish-packaging option so you can take your catch home.  There is no need for tall fish-tales when you are eating the proof with your family and friends!  Once you choose the Alaska fishing vacations experience that is your best vacation, you will have many questions about traveling there, preparing for weather, obtaining Alaska fishing licenses, guides, and realistic expectations of the typical fishing day.  I have traveled to and fished Kodiak Island, Glacier Bay, and the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska.  Follow the links to explore these areas to see which will be your perfect fishing trip!

Alaska Fishing Vacations on Kodiak

A great fishing day with our friends Dick & Paul!

How You Get To Alaska Fishing Vacations

One of the main questions I field is “How do I get from home to Alaska and your lodge and back?”  All Alaska fishing and sightseeing trips require quite a bit of travel.  Travel options include cruise ships, boats, railroads and you fly to fishing lodges on small planes, helicopters, and commercial jets.  Our article “Flying in Alaska is a Way of Life” describes how to plan your flights or of course, we can plan them for you.

Don’t be confused by this, the life-long rewards of enjoying luxury Alaska fishing vacations are enormous – that’s why I am here to make this easy for you.  Many people come to Alaska, go to oneAlaska Fishing Vacations Giant Halibut lodge, and then return home.  Others may prefer the flexibility to do more of a sampling of what our 50th state has to offer.  These adventurers may visit one lodge for bear viewing, move on and explore Kodiak Island, head to an Alaska fishing lodge to fish and then finish up at another unique destination while renting a cabin for a few extra days.   Designed by us for your discerning tastes; ask for what you want and receive it!   Alaska fishing vacations options are nearly limitless.

Many people are concerned that since they have never fished before, they won’t know what to do and have trouble envisioning just how much fun they will have on a fishing trip.  We have personally visited and fished at each lodge.  The Alaska fishing guides in the locations I recommend to my clients are happy to teach you the how and why of what you are doing so you have a great fishing experience.  You can participate as much or as little as you like!  Many things are common among novice anglers such as baiting hooks. I know I am not fond of baiting hooks either so you can be sure my guide knows that too.

Alaska Fishing Vacations Salmon for your freezer

Alaska Fishing Vacations Prize—Getting My Fish Home

Whether you are charter fishing or staying at an all-inclusive Alaska fishing lodge, your fish are professionally filleted, vacuum-sealed, labeled, and flash frozen.  They are packaged in airline approved waxed, cardboard boxes and filled with 50 pounds of fish.  There are fish freezers as you travel in Alaska so overnight stays are not a problem after you have been fishing.  Airlines check these boxes as luggage and it is a common practice when travelers depart Alaska.

Many people are unfamiliar with all of the species you may fish for in Alaska.  Our article “What is Your Favorite Alaska Fish Species?  A Difficult Decision” is very interesting and I know you will enjoy reading it.

Our first of many Alaska fishing vacations was to Kodiak Island many years ago on our first family fishing trip.  We still talk about the trip during the holidays and when we are planning our next adventure.  When we tell people what we do, nearly everyone says they want to go to Alaska.  There are twenty-three national parks, over four hundred national historic places and many national natural and historic landmarks throughout the state.  This is in addition of course to the best fishing in the world.  I want to help you get there–to Kodiak Island, Glacier Bay, or the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska.  Please feel free to explore and enjoy these areas on our site and feel free contact me.