Alaska Fishing Vacations

Is this the Alaska fishing spot for you?  Let's go fishing in Alaska!

Is this the Alaska fishing spot for you? Go fishing in Alaska!

Alaska fishing vacations are the dream of every amateur fishing enthusiast!  Imagine yourself being on a sturdy fishing boat, breathing in the crisp early morning air, truly feeling at one with the rough beautiful nature surrounding you and simply enjoying yourself!  Trust me, if you could only choose one once-in-a-lifetime fishing vacation adventure, it would be this amazing Alaska fishing vacation experience you will never forget!

To live this type of experience there are four different Alaska fishing vacations from which you can choose:

1. You can select an all inclusive Alaska fishing vacations experience
2. Your selection can be personalized as an individually planned trip including Alaska fishing, sightseeing trips, and other activities.
3. Your tastes may run towards combining an Alaska fishing trip with a cruise.
4. You also may want an Alaska fresh water fishing vacation or a salt-water, ocean experience.

If you love fly-fishing, Alaskan fresh water fishing in streams and lakes are ideal for this sport and are custom made for you!  Many fishing lodges in southwest Alaska operate on a program of “Daily fly-out-fishing.”  This means is that each day all the guests fly to a different destination to spend the day.  There are also Alaska fishing lodges located on rivers and fly-outs aren’t necessary.  Much of this fishing is catch and release.

“I met Lisa when she was working for Kodiak Sportsmans Lodge on Kodiak Island, Alaska. She worked as a coordinator setting up fishing trips from her lower 48 home. She came to the lodge as a guest and fished beside me for most of a week. She is an avid sportswoman but also very importantly, was a part of the team that had its principal goal of ensuring a great experience for the guests. It was not unusual to see her working behind the scene to expedite a great result or just helping the permanent staff perform the very best they could. She was able to handle the multiple personalities one finds in fishing lodges, both guests and staff with skill, patience and integrity. As an example, I was walking around the streets of Kodiak City and she and her husband were actually walking around looking for me to make sure I was OK. It wasn’t her job but she was clearly there for me and wanted to make the experience worthwhile.” April 12, 2012 – Dr. Richard Baerg

I personally prefer boating fishing vacations versus stream or fly-out fishing charter vacations.  At different times of the year in Alaska, you will spend more time trolling for salmon and other times bottom fishing.  Alaska fishing regulations not only allow for catch and release, but at many locations, there is a fish-packaging option so you can take your catch home.  There is no need for tall fish-tales when you are eating the proof with your family and friends!  Once you decide on which Alaska fishing vacation experience is your dream destination, you will have many questions about preparing for weather, obtaining Alaska fishing licenses, guides, and realistic expectations of the typical fishing day.

Things to Consider when you go on a Alaska Fishing Vacation


Fishing Vacations in Alaska

Fishing Vacations in Alaska – What A King Salmon Catch!

So now, you may be wondering about a few common areas of concern when traveling to a new and exciting Alaska fishing vacation.  One of the main questions I field is how do I get to your Alaska fishing vacation from my home location?  All Alaska fishing and sightseeing trips require quite a bit of travel.  Travel options include cruise ships, boats, and kayaks to small planes, helicopters, and commercial jets.

Don’t be perplexed by this, the life-long rewards of enjoying a luxury Alaska fishing vacation are enormous – that’s why I am here to make this easy for you.  Many people come to Alaska, go to one lodge, and then return home.  Others may prefer the flexibility to do more of a sampling of what our 50th state has to offer.  These adventurers may visit one lodge for bear viewing, move on and explore Kodiak Island, head to an Alaska fishing lodge to fish and then finish up at another unique destination while renting a cabin for a few extra days.  It’s wonderful that the Alaska Fishing Vacations options are limitless.  Designed by us for your discerning tastes; ask for what you want and receive it!

Many people are concerned that since they have never fished before, they won’t know what to do and have trouble envisioning just how much fun Alaska Fishing Vacations bring.  Through our personal selection, the Alaska fishing guides in the locations I recommend to my guests are happy to teach you the how and why of what you are doing ensuring you a best fishing experience.  You can participate as much or as little as you like!  Many things are common amongst novice anglers; I know I am not fond of baiting hooks either so you can be sure my guide knows that too.

Another common question is how do I get my fish home?  Whether you are Alaska charter fishing or staying at an all-inclusive Alaska fishing lodge, your fish are professionally filleted, vacuum-sealed, labeled, and flash frozen.  They are packaged in airline approved waxed, cardboard boxes and filled with 50 pounds of fish.  There are fish freezers as you travel in Alaska so overnight stays are not a problem after you have been fishing.  Airlines check these boxes as luggage and it is a common practice when travelers depart Alaska.

Fishing limits are always a concern, as they are different in all of the areas in Alaska.  There are many fishing miles with hundreds of different locations.  The Alaska Department of Fish and Game determine the catch limits.  I stay abreast of the current laws, as do the lodge owners, guides, and captains so that our clients stay within the limits, no matter where they are fishing.

Alaska Giant Halibut FishingWhat to Expect from an Alaska Fishing Vacation

The weather in Alaska changes dramatically from day to day and sometimes even hourly.  It may be very cool in the mornings and then warm up by afternoon.  Weather conditions change constantly in Alaska with summer temperatures ranging from 40 – 75 degrees daily.  There are beautiful clear days along with foggy and rainy days.  You may actually have all three conditions in the same day!  Due to the constantly changing weather, I advise that you dress in layers.  Some suggestions from my numerous fishing vacations are Capilene or Thermax, long underwear, cotton t-shirts, flannel or fleece shirts, fleece pants and wicking socks so you stay warm and dry.  Neoprene fishing gloves or other fingerless gloves, a warm hat and a light to medium-weight jacket is also a good idea.  A fleece neck gator can be a cozy addition for chilly days.  You can always take a layer off to make yourself more comfortable if you get too warm.  Wear sunscreen, lip balm with SPF and a hat with a bill or visor, as we do experience long sunny days during the Alaska summer months.  Polarized sunglasses are always a must-have item. Purchasing sports fishing licenses is quite simple.  A “king salmon” stamp is required to fish for king salmon.  I will help you get your licensing after booking your Alaska fishing vacation.  All anglers over 16 must purchase licenses.  Licenses may be ordered online, or if you prefer they can be purchased at lodges, many sporting goods stores and at Fish and Game offices.Local fishing guides are the key to great fishing, as they know the tides, the species, the local waters and what spots have been hot.  Their personalities range from quiet to sassy to very friendly…that’s part of their charm!  Guides are wonderful to learn about the local folklore, helping you spot wildlife and explaining their activities, and most importantly, filling your box with fish to take home and enjoy for the coming year.