Alaska Fishing Lodges Vacations

Giant Halibut Fishing Vacations in Alaska

Giant Halibut Fishing Vacations in Alaska

Looking for that Alaska fishing lodges to meet your discerning taste? Once you have decided on an Alaska luxury fishing vacation, there are many things to plan, options to consider, and decisions to make.  I have created custom tailored Alaska fishing lodges vacations itineraries for hundreds of clients.   I am here to navigate these waters for you and want to ensure you to have the greatest fishing vacation experience of your life. I will assist you with selecting the best fishing vacations lodge in Alaska for your dream fishing trip.  Here are some things to consider.

Where is Alaska’s Very Best Sport Fishing Lodge?


Kodiak Sportsmans Lodge - Luxury Fishing Lodges in Alaska

Kodiak Sportsmans Lodge- Luxury Fishing Lodges in Alaska

People ask me this question all the time!  A great Alaska fishing lodge for sport fishing is the one that meets your needs and expectations.

  • Some people want to fish big game king salmon and large halibut.
  • Others want a variety of experiences including dining options, wildlife tours, glacier viewing, kayaking, etc.
  • Some want to go on a cruise or go to Denali and visit a lodge as well.
  • Some lodges are very remote and take extra effort to get there.  Fishing may be the only option at these locations.
  • Others are more convenient and offer fishing and other activities.

This is the kind of Alaska fishing lodges experience I want for each and every one of you. One very special area I have visited is near Glacier Bay, located just a short flight out of Juneau.   I work directly with you to select the best options for you and your family or group. For example one of my experiences was in the Icy Straits where I kayaked 100 feet from humpback whales.  This is the only place in the world that the humpback whales trumpet.  The trumpeting was recorded and used in the movie Jurassic Park as the T-Rex call.  Imagine kayaking with eagles soaring, wisps of fog here and there, a bear walking on the bank, while hearing that trumpeting and seeing the beautiful, black tail.

Traveling to an Alaska Sportsman Lodge

Find the perfect fishing spot at Kodiak Island Alaska

Find the perfect fishing spot at Kodiak Island Alaska

I go to Alaska regularly and travel is a challenge in Alaska.  Locations are often accessible only by boat or airplane.  Nearly all connections are through Anchorage from the continental US and booking travel can be confusing. Timing is the key to reaching remote locations.  Cost options are nearly endless. Through my specialized services and experience I can provide you the following:

  • I research alternatives,
  • make flight reservations, and
  • make hotel accommodations for you.
  • I already know the flights and connections the majority of US cities.
  • Coordinate all transfers for a smooth journey.
  • I can also help you with travel insurance which I highly recommend.
  • I have booked travel for people to Alaska from age eight to eighty from every part of the country and

I am here to help you.

Your comfort level in travel is important to me. As I mentioned many fishing vacation locations require small planes or boats and this can be intimidating to many travelers. I was one of those people and now love all avenues to arrive at my adventure site.  I have experienced all of the transportation options so I am able to provide you with a realistic expectation of the travel mode and all of the details so that you are knowledgeable and comfortable with your decision.

When to Go and About the Fish

The most frequently asked question I receive is “When is the best time to go on a fishing vacation?”

  1. What do you want to fish for?
  2. Are you interested in the amount of fish you catch or is there a particular species you are targeting?
  3. Have you ever fished in Alaska or at all before?
  4. Who is coming with you?
Fishing for King Salmon in Kodiak Island Alaska

Fishing for King Salmon in Kodiak Island Alaska

When you go is all about what you want to fish and the experience you are seeking.

Fish migrate at different periods and some fish are always in an area. Alaska is large and each area in Alaska has different patterns for species.

In Kodiak Island, Alaska May and June usually see large king salmon runs.  The silver salmon runs start in mid-August through typically go through September.

Many fishing lodges in Alaska catch halibut and salmon throughout the season.  Don’t forget about a fishing trip in Alaska for July—especially if you like to bottom fishHalibut, ling cod, yellow eye, and sea bass are all biting in July and the king salmon also continue to migrate.

As you can see from my fishing vacations and adventures, I love fishing, I love Alaska and I love the Alaska fishing lodges.  I want you to have the memories I have about this wonderful place.

Whenever you want to go on fishing vacations and whatever you want to do in Alaska, I will help you get to the right place for one of the greatest fishing vacation experiences of your life.