Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges—The Ideal Location for Alaska Fishing

Southeast Alaska fishing lodges are located in a part of Alaska many people consider the state’s best kept secret. Prince of Wales Island, the third largest island in the United States. The island offers salt water fishing on its ocean coastline and bays.   You can also enjoy fresh water fishing in the hundreds of rivers, streams and lakes on the island. Having premium salt water and freshwater fishing in one location is a wonderful opportunity for you to experience everything Alaska fishing has to offer! 

Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges

Boardwalk Main Lodge, Thorne Bay, Prince of Wales Island, AK

There are many southeast Alaska fishing lodges and our goal is always to find the best lodge for you. We also want you to have the complete Alaska adventure experience. This article is the first in a series about our recent trip to southeast Alaska and Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge. You can look forward to our future posts in this series:

  • Traveling to and around southeast Alaska
  • What to do in and around Ketchikan
  • A Day Salt Water Fishing in Thorne Bay, Alaska
  • Fly Fishing Fresh Water Lakes and Streams of Prince of Wales Island
  • Visiting the People and Places
  • Getting Back Home


Namesake Boardwalk to the Lodge

The Namesake Boardwalk to the Lodge

Our Luxury Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges Experience

Knowledge only comes with being there. In June of this year, Lisa and I went to Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge to check out southeast Alaska for ourselves. The Boardwalk is an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge and has been voted Alaska Lodge of the Year multiple times. Why did we choose the Boardwalk from the many southeast Alaska fishing lodges? Because they have everything we look for in a luxury fishing vacation. They offer:

  • Premier salt and fresh water fishing
  • Experienced guides with long tenure at the lodge
  • Top of the line and well-maintained boats and gear
  • A chef with long tenure at the lodge preparing gourmet Alaska cuisine
  • A dedicated staff committed to a high level of personal service
  • First Class accommodations in a remote setting and access to a range of Alaska adventures


Two men with salmon

A great day salmon fishing

Great fishing, beautiful scenery, abundance of wildlife and a relaxing vacation are the reasons to go to southeast Alaska fishing lodges. The Boardwalk is located on the water in Thorne Bay and the salt water fishing is outstanding. The general area has many islands, bays, small inlets rivers and streams. Salmon species travel through these waters in large number to their spawning grounds. You have the opportunity to catch them in salt water or fresh water. Halibut return from the ocean in the spring and feed in the coastal areas through late fall. Rock fish and other bottom fish are in the waters year-round.


Man standing in lake fly fishing

Imagine Prince of Wales Fly Fishing

The Thorne River is famous for its fly fishing. The Thorne runs through eastern Prince of Wales Island into Thorne Bay near the Boardwalk. The Thorne is the largest river on the island. There are numerous smaller rivers and streams that flow down from the mountains.  The Boardwalk has 23 locations they know guests will have productive days of fishing. The road system on Prince of Wales offers southeast Alaska fishing lodges access to more fresh water fishing adventures than any place else in Alaska.  The drive to each location are a lot of fun as there is always wildlife in and along the road and the scenery is breathtaking.

The steelhead run starts in April and peaks in May. Dolly Varden and cutthroat trout are in the waters from May through September. Starting in July through the fall, the migrating silver salmon enter the streams in the thousands and pink salmon in huge numbers. With so many waterways, even in the prime times, you can fish these waters and rarely see another angler.

In the series about our trip, learn about our experiences each day in fishing at the Boardwalk. As experience angler know and inexperienced anglers need to understand, guides are an important part of any lodge fishing experience. The head guides at Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge live in Thorne Bay year-round and have fished the waters for decades.  He is dedicated to an all-around great fishing experience for you.

Boardwalk Salt Water Fishing Boats

Boardwalk Salt Water Fishing Boats

Salt water fishing is on 28-foot ocean cruisers using Lamiglas® and G Loomis® rods using Shimano® or Penn® reels. Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge is an Orvis® Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge and provides guests with the best Orvis fly rods, reels, waders and boots. Guides also provide float line, flies, tippets, etc. Your fish is cleaned and filleted into portions which are vacuum packed, frozen and boxed for your trip home. All you have to do is catch the fish.

Gourmet cuisine is hard to deliver at remote southeast Alaska fishing lodges. The best meals we have enjoyed in Alaska are at the Boardwalk. Executive chef Jeff Brady has been a mainstay for many years at the Boardwalk.

Baked Halibut Main Course

Baked Halibut Main Course

Chef Jeff uses many culinary styles and creates a wide range of cuisine using local ingredients for his signature dishes. The Boardwalk features a cooked to order breakfast to start your day. For those fishing, guests choose from a lunch buffet with sandwich items, snacks, fruit, cookies and drinks to build a lunch of their tastes. After fishing, there is a hors d’oeuvres reception followed by the shining star of Chef Jeff’s creativity and expertise—a dinner experience where every course is prepared with the seasons in mind for the ultimate Alaskan dining experience.  It is wonderful to enjoy such fantastic food in such a relaxing atmosphere. 

First class accommodations with a friendly and attentive staff make the entire vacation a wonderful experience.


Settlers' Cove Waterfall

Settlers’ Cove State Recreation Site near Ketchikan AK

Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge—The King of Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges

Our trip to Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge convinced us the reputation and many awards are well deserved. Over the next several articles, we will share our trip with you. We explored Ketchikan and want you to know some other things to experience before you get to the Boardwalk. We will also share our personal fishing experiences during the trip. We know people are interested in other activities and the culture of the areas we visit. We will write about the entire southeast Alaska experience.

Enjoy our page Southeast Alaska Fishing which answers all your questions about the fish species in the area, how to travel to southeast Alaska, other activities in addition to fishing, and the area’s history and geography.

Woman fly fishing on Prince of Wales Island

Lisa Fly Fishing on Prince of Wales Island

What Are You Waiting For?

We are looking forward to telling you about our trip but why not see for yourself? This is the high-end, relaxing trip you have been talking and dreaming about for a long time. Call Lisa at 1-855-711-7773 or complete a request on our contact page. Let us manage the details for your a vacation of a lifetime.

Kassan Totem Pole, Prince of Wales, AK

Kassan Totem Pole, Prince of Wales, AK


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