Kodiak Fishing Seasons and Our Family Memories

Kodiak Fishing Seasons for Our Family—Like Sands Through The Hourglass

Kodiak fishing seasons are part of so many days of my family’s life.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  The temperatures cool and I start to think about all of the wonderful Thanksgivings and Christmas Days in the past.  My daughters are grown now—one in Colorado and the other in Hawaii.   We were fortunate to all be together this week for the first time in over a year and a half.  I always pull out the photo albums of our trips (yes I still use those things) and talk about all of our trips.  We have fished more in Alaska and during all of the Kodiak fishing seasons than anywhere. 

Our twin daughters, Alex and Erin, were born in 1991 three weeks before our first wedding anniversary.   For many years, we spent all our time together as they grew.  When they were about ten years old, Lisa and I took our first vacation since they were born—an Alaska cruise.  A couple of years later, friends invited us on a fishing trip to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.  


Our Motley Crew on the First Day

We Catch Our First Fish

We knew nothing about Kodiak fishing seasons or what we might catch.  Our trip was near the end of August during the silver salmon run at the Lodge.  Lisa and the girls had never fished before or flown in a small plane.  Lisa did buy us each a hat as you can see above so off we went.

Conrad Peterson had just started guiding at the Lodge and little did he know how quickly we would catch on.  Within a few minutes, all four rods went off and everyone had their first Alaska silver salmon.











The girls have always kept score and my fish was the smallest.  Alex and Erin had Conrad weigh every fish we caught this first trip and he did so very graciously.  For those of you who have fished with Conrad, he was a sweetheart when he was younger.










Don’t let Lisa’s deer in the head lights facial expression fool you either.  We all know how that is turning out.  We fished for five wonderful days and went home with nine boxes.  We could have gone home with one box and this would still be the best fishing trip of my life.

We went back again in 2006 and Lisa caught her first halibut over 100 pounds.



The girls got their driver license learner permits later that year.   Children starting to drive creates mixed feelings.  You are so glad not to be their driver but terrified at the same time.   Driving brought part time jobs and more activities and less time at home.  Everyone was still up for another trip to Kodiak.

We all went again in 2008.  Lisa kept catching the big halibut and the girls were growing up.











Alex and Erin had turned seventeen years old.  We had spent their sixteenth birthday the year before fishing in Panama.  There had been many other trips as well.  The next year we went to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate their high school graduation.  That fall, Alex started college at Colorado School of Mines and Erin began a run of several years as a stew on luxury yachts in southern Florida which took her to twenty-one countries the next five years.   

Empty Nester Kodiak Fishing Seasons

When the girls graduated from high school, we moved to Florida in the fall of 2009.   The transition was hard but the next summer we found ourselves again at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge. 

Lisa had become more humble and reserved catching bigger and bigger fish over the years (yeah, right).  Lisa has consistently caught more and larger fish than any of the rest of us—just ask her.   2010 was the year she finally caught that monster 150-pound halibut.  I did all right too.











Switching Kodiak Fishing Seasons—King Salmon

This empty nester thing was looking pretty good.   We traveled to several places but in 2012 we were back in Kodiak.  We had always fished in late summer with the girls but had always wanted to catch the trophy king salmon in May and June.   After all the years, I finally caught the big one—a 53-pound king.








Lisa did OK, too.  Look at that cute, little fish!!!  In 2015, we took a long Alaska trip through Denali on the Alaska Railroad.  We had always wanted to ride the train.


And then, of course, we went to the Lodge to meet some new friends.  2017 is going to find us back in our favorite place in July—fishing at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.


Kodiak Fishing Seasons to Come

Alex is married, a chemical engineer, and lives in Colorado.  Erin is in Hawaii working hard to start her own business after a few years of traveling the world.  I could not be more proud and I miss them very much.   I am so happy that years ago we decided we had enough stuff and we wanted to spend time together making the memories of our lives.  Some of the best days of my life have been spent on a fishing boat with my family on Kodiak and I know we will all be there again.  Thanks for enjoying my fishing memories with me.  Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. 

Bill Montgomery

Lisa and Kodiak Fishing SeasonsThis holiday season as your families come together, remember the good times you have had and count your blessings.   Talk about the memories you want to make and do something special together this coming year.  Of course, we would love it if you would make Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge one of those special memories. 

Happy Holidays and thank you for your business and friendship.  We will see you soon on the water.

Lisa Montgomery

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