Haida Gwaii Fishing In Luxury At A Fantastic Value

Haida Gwaii fishing QCLHaida Gwaii fishing is remote but offers many luxury and traditional fishing lodges.   Formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, this is one of the first major land masses migrating salmon encounter on their way to Great Northwest’s Inside Passage.   Haida Gwaii, British Columbia is approximately 95 miles south of Ketchikan Alaska and there is direct flight service from Vancouver making access very easy.
Haida Gwaii fishing includes a bonus to these beautiful islands, their lodges and some of the best salmon and halibut fishing anywhere.  The Canadian dollar exchange rate makes these lodges a fantastic value comparable to even the “cheap Alaska fishing vacations” you see advertised.   This article is the first in a series describing what you need to travel to a luxurious Haida Gwaii fishing lodge.  Getting to there and back includes:

  • The Haida Gwaii value
  • Air travel to Haida Gwaii/Queen Charlotte Islands
  • The Places and the People
  • Arrival at your Lodge
  • Your Custom Fishing trip
  • On the Water—Bears, Whales, Wildlife and the Fish
  • Traveling with Your Catch
  • Departure and Getting Home

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Haida Gwaii Fishing and British Columbia—Why Go There?

We first discovered Haida Gwaii fishing when clients began asking us to send them to British Columbia.  Obviously we like to go fishing and catch big fish but we are always looking for something more.

We are “experiential travelers” and want the experience of rare, remote, and adventurous places that are off the beaten path. 

As we talked with Haida Gwaii fishing lodges, we discovered several luxury fishing lodges that are immaculately maintained and staffed.   British Columbia fishing lodges have a reputation for high end accommodations and service.

Fishing is excellent because of the island’s unique location.

  • Formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, the islands are one of the first major land masses migrating salmon encounter on their way to the Great Northwest’s Inside Passage.
  • Peak time for king salmon is early May to mid-August.
  • Silver salmon migrate through the islands from early July to the end of September.
  • Haida Gwaii fishing also includes ling cod, yellow eye, and other rock fish June through September.
  • From October to March peaking in December and January, catch and release steelhead fishing is in season.

Haida Gwaii is approximately 50 (80 km) miles south of Alaska and there is direct flight service from Vancouver making access very easy.  Haida Gwaii fishing lodges also offer a range of fishing options from fully guided fishing or you can choose to fish entirely on your own.  This option allows dusk to dawn fishing for the serious anglers.

On top of the luxury fishing lodges and world class Haida Gwaii Island fishing is the fantastic value proposition.

The lodges’ pricing is in Canadian dollars as all of their costs are in Canada.  The fishing lodges at Haida Gwaii keep their pricing competitive for Canadian clients and the exchange rate for US clients is very favorable.  Instead of marking up past pricing in Canadian dollars, Haida Gwaii fishing lodges see the exchange rate as a significant competitive advantage.

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We Want To Help You Get There

Our family has been fishing many places and I cannot begin to tell you how much it has changed all of our lives.  We enjoy fishing so much it has become our lifetime passion and business.

I became a luxury travel and fishing expert because I deeply believe that we need to reconnect to nature, our families and ourselves. 

I work with Haida Gwaii fishing lodges at several locations.  It is my pleasure to provide you information and options and create a luxury fishing vacation tailored to your dreams.  I provide round trip, home and back travel services to high-end lodge guests as part of their vacation package.

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Everything Is Perfect for Island Fishing-What Are You Waiting For?

This is the high-end trip you have been talking and dreaming about for a long time.  Call your luxury fishing expert Lisa Montgomery at 1-855-711-7773 or complete a request on our contact page.

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