Big Fish Adventure – 6 Luxury Fishing Vacations You Must Experience

This beautiful, lush Kodiak Alaska landscape shows rivers that are ripe for fishing of Alaskan salmon and dolly varden.

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Looking for a big fish adventure? It is my pleasure to bring the very best fishing vacations and locations to you!  When choosing a fishing vacation in an exotic location which requires much travel and expense, don’t you want the very best? I wanted the very best fishing location, gear, guides, nature, boats, food and accommodations for my fishing vacation.  I researched and scrutinized for the best fisheries with a variety of species, luxury, comfort, with a mixture of activities in remote, pristine locations.

Here is what is in store for you: two locations in pristine Alaska, a beautiful high-end fishing resort with off-shore and in-shore fishing and excursions in Costa Rica, a secluded fishing lodge in Nicaragua, fabulous big game fishing in Panama, and Belize with best permit fishing opportunities. Let’s talk for a moment about what each of these fishing vacation locations offer you.

1. Fishing Vacation: North East Alaska

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge in Old Harbor, Alaska is on Kodiak Island.  This is a very private area with no fishing pressure for king salmon, halibut, yellow eye, black sea bass, ling cod, silver salmon and gray cod.  With the highest fishing limits in Alaska, this is a big fish adventure and  you will go home with boxes of fish to share with family and friends. Fishing in 30 miles of the Sitkalitik Straits makes for low tidal swings and smooth waters.  This is one of the best all-inclusive fishing lodges on Kodiak Island with a friendly staff that ensures a fantastic, true Alaska, fishing experience. While fishing enjoy watching Kodiak bears, humpback whales, bald eagles, fox and deer as your wildlife landscape.

2. Fishing Vaction: South East Alaska

girl standing next to a caught halibut fish on a boat in AlaskaThe Boardwalk Lodge on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska is a short float plane flight from Ketchikan, Alaska.  The owner and staff extend the best in hospitality and excursions.  This Orvis rated fishing lodge has excellent steelhead, cutthroat trout,dolly vardenchar, sockeye, Chum and Pink Salmon.  There is also ocean fishing for halibut and rockfish 15 minutes away from the lodge.  Whale watching, sightseeing, kayaking, hiking and photography excursions are also available during your stay.


3. Fishing Vacation: Costa Rica, Pacific Side

Los Suenos Resort and marina is located on beautiful Herradura Bay, Costa Rica in the central Pacific Coast. There are luxury accommodations, an internationally acclaimed marina, a championship eco-golf course, a beach club, in Marina Village with restaurants, bars, Internet Café, banks, a spa, and boutiques.  There is great offshore fishing here for marlin, yellow fin tuna, wahoo, sailfish, and dorado.  The inshore fishing is also bountiful with roosterfish, cubera snapper, and many species of jack fish. There are wonderful excursions here include crocodile tours, eco tours, jungle tours, bird watching tours, white-water rafting and zip lines.  There is something for everyone at Los Suenos!

4. Fishing Vacation: Nicaragua, Caribbean Side

Rio Indio Ecolodge is a unique travel fishing destination in the expansive Indio Maiz Biological Reserve of Nicaragua. Fishing on the Caribbean coast is THE big fish adventure in warm waters and great 12 months of the year for tarpon, snook, rainbow bass, mojarra, and drum fish. This beautiful, all-inclusive fishing lodge is in an exotic biosphere home to more than 600 recorded species of birds and 200 species of wildlife.  This is another incredible destination with friendly, eager-to-please staff that must be experienced!

5. Fishing Vacation: Panama

The Tropic Star Lodge is located In Pinas Bay at the edge of the Darien Jungle on the Pacific coast of Panama. This world-famous, big game fishing location is celebrating its 50th year in operation! Guests can expect to catch multiple black marlin, yellow fin tuna, sailfish, dorado and roosterfish daily.   The fishing lodge has a fresh water pool, bar and a jungle to be explored if you desire.

6. Fishing Location: Southern Belize, Caribbean Side

Belize Toledo District Rain Forest Airplane View


Belcampo Lodge is nestled in the hills above the Caribbean coast in southern Belize.  Another 5-star location is home to the best permit fishing in the world.  Tarpon and

Two men holding a permit fish in Belize

bonefishing in the flats is also popular and fun!  Belcampo is a sustainable farm in the rainforest making it very unique.  There are many excursions and culinary classes to experience.

I look forward to sharing my big fish adventure experiences with you about each of these fishing destinations.

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  1. Hi Lisa, for sure I heard about that many people fly to Alaska and Costa Rica to fish there but spending luxurious fishing vacations in Panama, Belize or Nicaragua? I never thought about this. It sounds so adventurous and interesting! I can’t wait to read your future posts, describing your trips to these fishing destinations 🙂

    • Hello Dagmar! I’m very happy that you spent the time reading about the different destinations. My locations are all so unique that you can go to one a year and have a beautiful experience with nature, fishing, other guests and guides each and every time! I am very excited to share my life and experiences with you.

  2. I think my dream would be Belize to fish, zip line, and spa. Adventure, pampering and luxury all in one trip! Now that sounds PERFECT

    • I agree Laura, thank you for your thoughts! I head to Belize on Wednesday to do just that. I’ll be sure to post pics to help you dream this adventure for yourself until you are ready for your luxurious fishing vacation. 🙂

  3. This sounds like a dream vactions going to Costa Rica and go fishing. I would love to go offshore fishing and land me a marlin or other fishes like that. I wonder if I would need to bring my own gear or would it be there already?

    • Hi Luke – thanks for asking that question. All of my vacations include gear, guides, boats, bait…you show up and just enjoy the scenery, food and great fishing! I have two hosted trips next year that you may want to consider at Crocodile Bay. If you would like to receive information about that let me know. Thanks for checking out my site! Lisa

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