Why I Fish. Our Kodiak Trip Is Finally Here-I Have My Answer

Why I Fish – We Each Have Our Answer

People ask why I fish.  At first, fishing was something new to try with my family.  Then, fishing was about catching the fish.  Next, I think the beautiful places where I fished made me want to go to more and different places.  Also, there were all the wonderful people I have met over the years.  There are many other things I can do in beautiful places with my family and friends.   Why I fish?—We all answer the question differently. 


Fishing Days Are Happy Days

I enjoy the CBS News Sunday Morning show stories about people that are good news stories.  In January of this year, the show interviewed Henry Winkler (CBS 2017), one of America’s favorite teenagers the Fonz on the TV series “Happy Days.”  Like all of us, the Winklers have had their share of life’s challenges.   I did not know that Henry and his wife Stacey have been fly fishing in Montana for 25 years.  Henry has a great answer to why I fish.  Watch the video (about nine minutes), it is a remarkable story.

A Quiet Mind

Henry says about Montana and fishing that “what happens when you’re fishing, you cannot concentrate on anything else.  Not a problem in the world bothers you at this moment.”  I know what he is talking about because it seems like my mind never slows down.  Lisa and my daughters have encouraged me to take up meditation for many years and I do try.  Why I fish is to quiet my mind in a very pleasing environment doing something I love.  I watch the water, the coast, the mountains and the rods and am always surprised when the strike happens.  I don’t think about anything else on the water.  Good thing I have the guides!  Many fishing lodges now have spas with yoga and meditation sessions.  Seems to make sense to me.  Feel free to share what you are after when you go fishing.alaska_fishing_vacation

Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge-Where Our Fishing Started

We have been talking about our family fishing memories in articles and our 2017 Kodiak fishing trip much of the summer.  Our Kodiak fishing trip is finally here.  We leave Saturday for Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge and then on to the Kodiak Brown Bear Center.  We can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones. 


Come Along With Us

Lisa has a new camera and she will be clicking away when there isn’t a rod in her hands.  To keep up with all of the fish and wildlife photos follow us on your favorite social media outlet.   Follow us on  Facebook or Instagram for the latest, greatest ! 

Thanks for reading my articles and we hope you enjoy experiencing our Alaska adventure.



-Bill Montgomery

Source:  CBS News Sunday Morning (2017).  Sunday Profile:  Henry Winkler.  Retrieved from   http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/sunday-profile-henry-winkler/

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