Southeast Alaska Steelhead Special on Prince of Wales Island

Southeast Alaska Steelhead Rivers Are Famous

Southeast Alaska steelhead fishing is exciting for experienced and first time anglers alike.  Imagine catching wild steelhead–Alaska’s sea run rainbow trout with this early season discounted offer.  Prince of Wales‘ rivers number more than 85 streams with documented steelhead runs. 

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Most rivers on the Island are just a few miles long which concentrates the number of fish in the water.  Anglers get great opportunities for steelhead that may be just minutes from salt water.  Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge features easy access to numerous streams by road and space is limited with two guests working with an expert guide.  The southeast Alaska steelhead season is short and intense so you want to act now and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

Prince of Wales Is Fly Fishing At Its Best

Southeast Alaska and Prince of Wales is a short float plane flight from Ketchikan, which can be reached in a single day through Seattle from most of the country.

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Access to the eastern side of the island is very seldom impacted by weather.  Prince of Wales is the third largest island in the US with over 1,900 miles of roads making access to southeast Alaska steelhead rivers and streams easy.  You lose no weather days as you can in other parts of Alaska because you cannot fly out to streams.   The Boardwalk is an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge and has been voted Alaska Lodge of the Year.  The Lodge is located on the Thorne River, the largest river on Prince of Wales Island, and the head guides live in Thorne Bay all year and have fished these waters for decades.

So What Is A Steelhead?

Southeast Alaska steelhead have the same physical features and scientific name as the rainbow trout.

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A steelhead has left freshwater and feeds in the ocean where food is more plentiful.  Steelhead grow much larger than rainbow trout and grow quickly.  Steelhead are fierce fighters jumping high in the air and running fast.  Steelhead are unique fish that may swim upstream and spawn then return to the ocean many times.  Southeast Alaska steelhead runs on Prince of Wales Island are from the first of April through mid-May.  Three day to six day packages are available from $3,495 to $4,995.  Anglers of all skill levels can experience steelhead fishing and the small group size and two guests per guide ratio makes the Boardwalk the place to target this amazing fish.

Call Now For This Great Opportunity

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Lisa Fly Fishing on Prince of Wales Island

Whether you are an experienced fly fisherman or this will be your first trip, this southeast Alaska steelhead fishing trip is what you have been talking and dreaming about for a long time.  Call Lisa at 1-855-711-7773 or click here for our contact page.  Let us help you work through all of the details for a vacation of a lifetime.