Kodiak Fishing Specials for June 2017

Our End-of-School Kodiak Fishing Specials

June is the end-of-school and graduation month for many families and a great way to celebrate is a trip to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.  

Kodiak fishing specials family photo

Our Kodiak fishing specials are June 10th to 24th with our all-inclusive four-day fishing package priced at $3,595. There are twelve spots open so grab yours today!  For the entire 2017 season, we offer a 10% discount for children under 18 that come fishing with you.

We Will Book Your Flights For Free

Air travel to Kodiak can be complicated.  For groups taking advantage of the June special, we will book your flight reservations for free.  We know the best connections and what is a reasonable lay over time to make that next flight.  Airlines are reducing flights this year so you need to book early to get the best connections and fares.  Read our “Flying in Alaska is a Way of Life” article for more details.

Kodiak Fishing Specials snow storm delay

Love Field in Dallas TX Eric Gay/AP

We Always Have Travel Insurance

The winter storms are going strong this year and thousands of flights are being canceled.  Soon it will be hurricane season again.  A storm or event thousands of miles away can cause major disruptions in airline schedules with delays or cancellations.  Through no fault of their own, we have had clients forced to change or cancel vacations.  For any trip you are considering, give us a call for a free travel insurance quote.

Call Me For Details

Kodiak Fishing Specials Bill and Lisa

Bill and I are going to the Lodge in late August and it would be great to see some of you.  We will also be in Costa Rica in a couple of weeks.  The 2017 fishing season in Central America looks like a banner year and we expect to have a blast.  We will keep everyone up to date.  

Give me a call at 855-711-7773 and we can talk about the specials and your next fishing vacation.