What’s Been Biting – Kodiak Fishing Report July 2017

Kodiak Fishing Conditions

It’s always great to get a report on what is happening live in the fishing world.  I talk to many guests before they leave and that’s always the number one question, “How’s the fishing been?”  To find out Bill and I talked with Gary Sampson, lodge manager and owner, at Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge to scoop about fishing action.  The Kodiak fishing report for July 2017 finds king salmon still migrating through the Sitkalidak area and ling cod season started very well. 

Kodiak Fishing Report Gary and Lisa

We all know that fishing is affected by past weather and water conditions as well as current conditions every day.   We talked with Gary on July 24 about the start of the season and how fishing has progressed from May through July.

Kodiak Fishing Report for King Salmon

As the season started in May, the water was unusually cold.  The king salmon were late migrating through the Old Harbor area.  Kings did not start coming in until early June.  Gary said the weather was tough with heaters running in the boat cabins all through May.  Numbers for king salmon have been very good once the run started.  There has been some inconsistency with slow days interspersed with days where 10 to 15 kings are caught in a day.  The late run is continuing with six kings caught on one day last week. 

Kodiak Fishing Report Men With Four Salmon

Halibut and Ling Cod Fishing Has Been Strong

Halibut fishing has been consistent and strong in June and July.  The largest halibut caught so far this year was 171 pounds–two different fish by two different people.  Gary said the average halibut being kept are around 45 pounds.  Ling cod season opened July 1 and results have been good so far.  Our Kodiak fishing report from 2016 showed excellent bottom fishing and the conditions continue into this year.

Kodiak Fishing Report Man With Halibut

The weather continues to improve as summer progresses.  Gary talked about fog being particularly bad this year.  The cooler water temperatures with the rising air temperatures of spring and summer are probably to blame. 

Kodiak Fishing Report Man with Four Halibut

Kodiak Brown Bear Center

We are also going to visit the Kodiak Brown Bear Center after fishing at the Lodge next month.  Talk about excited!  This is a premier location to experience all of Kodiak nature up close and personal.

Kodiak Fishing Report Bear Standing In River

KBBC is the premier place in all of Alaska to see these majestic bears totally free in the wilderness.   Check out this bear viewing video–I cannot wait to get there.  When I arrive at destinations this unique I always have high expectations.  The consistant experience is that I am blown away by how it exceeds my idea of what I thought it would be. 

Time for Us to Fish At KSL August 21

We are excited to go to the Lodge and see our friends in a few weeks.  Once you go to Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge you feel at home and they become family.  The Lodge is full for all the days we are there as we will be looking for the Coho (silver) run, bountiful halibut and those crazy looking ling cod.  Those of you who will be with us know what you are in for, and it’s all good!  We have new fishing stories to share and are looking forward to seeing you and everyone at the Lodge.  It will be a great time. I’m sure there will be wagers made for biggest fish.   Stay tuned for those pics! We will have an end-of-season Kodiak fishing report from our trip to let you know how everyone did.

Kodiak Fishing Report Lisa in Fur Hat

 The seasons and years just seem to fly by now.  We are all fortunate to continue to pursue our fishing passions and dreams.  Here’s hoping the fishing gods and Mother Nature smile on us for the rest of this season.   I still have my hat just in case.  See you soon on the water.


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