Haida Gwaii Fishing Lodges—The Ideal Location for Salmon Fishing

Haida Gwaii Fishing Lodges—The Ideal Location for Salmon Fishing

Haida Gwaii fishing lodges are one of northern waters’ best kept secrets. Novice to experienced anglers have asked us, “Is there a world-class lodge where I can go to fish on my own?” Many of our clients have fished for years and just need some direction to the best spots. Others have fished with guides but want a more hands-on experience. Formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands, Haida Gwaii is one of the first major land masses migrating salmon encounter on their way to the Great Northwest’s Inside Passage and British Columbia’s Pacific coast. After a night in Vancouver, a direct flight to Masset on Haida Gwaii, and a short helicopter transfer you will be on the water.  

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Haida Gwaii is approximately 50 (80 km) miles south of Alaska and there is direct flight service from Vancouver making access very easy. Haida Gwaii fishing lodges also offer a range of fishing options from fully guided fishing or you can choose to fish entirely on your own. This option allows dusk to dawn fishing for the serious anglers. Check out our web page dedicated to Haida Gwaii Fishing which includes information about the fish species in the area, how to travel to Haida Gwaii, other activities in addition to fishing, and area’s history and geography.

Queen Charlotte Lodge—The Finest Haida Gwaii Fishing Lodge since 1991

Our clients have been going to Haida Gwaii fishing lodges for many years. Our best client experiences have been at the Queen Charlotte Lodge.

Haida Gwaii Fishing Lodges Queen Charlotte Lodge

Why Are our Clients So Happy with Queen Charlotte Lodge?

  • Premier salmon and halibut fishing (of course!);
  • Guided and self-guided fishing options;
  • Top of the line and well-maintained boats and gear;
  • Luxury accommodations including private quarters with chef and bartender services for large family or group trips;
  • Access to the MV Driftwood, the Lodge’s operations center anchored on the fishing grounds;
  • Full service spa and a business conference center;
  • Gourmet Main Lodge meals, Bell Ringer bar and grill, and customized private dining for your group if requested;
  • A dedicated staff committed to the highest level of personal service;

Haida Gwaii fishing is excellent because of the islands’ unique location but not all Haida Gwaii fishing lodges are the same. Queen Charlotte Lodge is in the Naden Harbor. The fishing grounds are near Cape Naden and Klaskwun Point which are through the Virago Sound. The fishing grounds are fifteen to thirty minutes from the Lodge.

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Virago Sound’s orientation shields it from the winds and swells that are common on the western coast of Graham Island. Fishermen enjoy ocean fishing but have calmer waters and are protected from the winds in nearly all directions. The local waters are rich with bait fish and are one of the first feeding spots for migrating salmon returning to Alaskan and British Columbia waters to spawn. The protected waters, short distance to the fishing grounds, and the local marine ecosystem makes Queen Charlotte Lodge the premier fishing spot on Haida Gwaii and the British Columbia coast.

The Queen of Haida Gwaii Fishing Lodges

Queen Charlotte Lodge has grown over the years and added several types of rooms and deluxe accommodations to meet client preferences and needs. The Main Lodge has 24 comfortable rooms with a water view of Naden Harbor. The 12 upstairs rooms each have a queen and twin bed with the 12 main floor rooms having three twin beds. All rooms have private baths.

Haida Gwaii Fishing Lodges QCL Main Lodge

The Totem House is the newest part of the Lodge with four large rooms having two queen beds and a private bath. Totem House has a private living and dining room and includes the services of a private chef and hostess. Other features include an adjoining hot tub, television, and satellite telephone.

The Charlotte House is popular with larger groups and can be configured to meet the needs of your group. The House has six bedrooms and an adjoining cabin. Each room has two twin beds and the House has five bathrooms. On certain evenings, a private dinner service with Chef and Hostess is served. Charlotte House also has an adjoining hot tub gazebo and a private bar service you can specify, television, and satellite telephone.

Haida Gwaii Fishing Lodges QCL Charlotte House

The Haida House is a four-bedroom chalet accommodating up to eight guests for groups wanting an entire house to themselves. The House is in a private area close to the beach with beautiful views of the water. The Haida House has a private living room with a wood burning fireplace and an adjoining, beach side hot tub. A little more privacy and seclusion makes the Haida House a favorite for families and business groups.

A short distance from the Main Lodge are the Southern Rooms. These rooms come in a variety of configurations and are great choices for couples or small families.

The MV Driftwood is the place to stay for the anglers that really cannot wait to start fishing each day. None of the other Haida Gwaii fishing lodges offer this unique experience. No need to leave the water at the end of the day.

Haida Gwaii fishing lodges QCL MV Driftwood

The boat can accommodate 12 guests and is anchored on the fishing grounds. There is no other experience like the Driftwood. A private chef and great crew make Driftwood the perfect lodging for the most serious fishermen. This is an awesome group experience that you will talk about for years.

Breakfast Starts Early

4:30 am to be exact. You can wait a little later, of course, and still enjoy a good breakfast before you start fishing. The Main Lodge dining room is where most food service occurs. After an early plane ride and a long day of fishing, the welcome barbeque on your first night is a delightful event. Other evenings will have a seafood buffet and various a la carte offerings. The Lodge will also accommodate special dietary needs. The lodge offers an extensive wine list including local BC wines and the Lodge’s QCL Owner’s Reserve wines.

Lunch is provided for those not fishing and you can order a lunch for your boat. Also, The Hook café aboard the MV Driftwood offers an excellent lunch to fisherman wanting a break on the fishing grounds.

After a good day on the water, The Bell Ringer is a wonderful place to have a cocktail and tell your fish stories. There are daily appetizers and small portion plates. The Bell Ringer is the social meeting place at the Lodge.

The British Columbia Experience

We have been sending clients to Haida Gwaii fishing lodges and coastal lodges for years. British Columbia fishing lodges have a reputation for high end accommodations and services. There are many outstanding lodges that are immaculately maintained and staffed. Queen Charlotte Lodge with its excellent location, great fishing in protected waters, variety of accommodations for any size group, and outstanding cuisine and personal service is our choice for our clients.

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Everything Is Perfect for Haida Gwaii Fishing-What Are You Waiting For?

Want to fish some place new and have confidence in your choice? This is the high-end trip you have been talking and dreaming about for a long time. These trips are complicated and I can help you decide about fishing options, boats, and accommodations and create your custom luxury fishing vacation. Give me a call at 855-711-7773 or complete the contact form below and I will customize your dream luxury fishing vacation.

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