Thank You for Ten Years of the Great Life in Business

The Accidental Travel Expert

I became a fishing travel expert somewhat by accident as many of you know.  Our family went to Alaska on our first fishing trip back in 2004.  Our twin daughters were thirteen years old and the experience changed us forever.  We became a family doing the exotic things we saw on television.  We have returned to Alaska many times. Then for their sixteenth birthday, we went on a fishing and adventure trip to Panama.  This was another trip that blew our minds. It was amazing!

Travel Expert Lisa on the Boat in Costa Rica

I started my business and was soon working with the Panamanian outfitter sending people to Panama and then with Kodiak Sportsman’s Lodge.   We have grown as a business and as people since then, sending hundreds of people to many places in Alaska, British Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize and much more.

International Fishing Travel Expert

I am an international fishing travel expert and while true, it still seems strange to say out loud.  I still pause a little when people ask me what I do.  After I tell them they also pause, and then are completely enthusiastic about the excitement of this career and have many questions.  Sharing my life and stories is always fun as I love my clients and everything nature offers, which is endless.  I can tell you with confidence there is never a dull moment with fun clients, crazy fish runs, weather conditions, whales, monkeys, jungles, rain forests and of course the unique people you meet…you get the picture. 

Lisa Travel Expert Fishing on Back of Boat

I never thought I would ever be doing anything like this!  As I learned about traveling and fishing lodges, I made many friends in the business that were eager to help me learn.  From a few people and a couple of destinations, Luxurious Fishing Vacations now sends anglers and families to destinations from Alaska to the Amazon.   Sometimes people desire a specific destination and others seek a specific species.  Either way we find the perfect fit for a memorable fishing vacation.

We Have Grown to A Full-Service Travel Agency

I learned early-on that my clients had needs beyond finding the perfect fishing location.  People need flights, some commercial and some private.  They need hotel rooms, travel insurance and restaurant recommendations. People need help with special circumstances and things that happen during the trip.   You would be surprised at the list!  The “one stop shopping” of our services and our support during your trip helps make your vacation worry free.

Travel Expert Lisa holding large silver salmon in arms

Another great part of being a travel expert is the connections I have in the fishing and travel industries.  I know experts throughout North and Central America which helps me make sure I have very happy anglers. The number one thing to me is to provide the personal and professional attention to my clients that I expect to receive. I think this is missing in much of business today.  We build relationships and value them greatly.

Customized Group and Family Vacations

I have some special clients that I have worked with for years on luxury vacations.  They travel frequently with friends and family and I understand the level of luxury they expect.  I talk with them about what they want to do, research the best options, and then handle all the details.  This past year, I’ve sent groups to Hawaii for a golf and excursion vacation, on an Alaskan Disney cruise, and to Norway to enjoy the Northern Lights and king crab fishing!  If you are dreaming of something really special, I can customize a luxury trip for your group.

Travel Expert Lisa with Group of men and women standing in front of small aircraft on tarmac

Live Your Life

No matter what your interests, get out there with your family and friends and live your life!  I do much more than fish.  Hot air ballooning, white water rafting, visiting my favorite cities and towns, museums, and galleries, exploring national and state parks and preserves, or just walking through an arboretum or wildlife refuge is good for the body and soul.  There are places within minutes of your home where you can connect with nature.  Spending these times with family and friends make it even more special.

Travel Expert Lisa with Family

Of course, we want you to come fishing with us.  That is our way to connect with one another and nature.  Fishing is the catalyst to time well spent with others and nature.

Come Join Us

If you have traveled with us before you know the level of personal attention and commitment I provide to ensuring you the best vacation experience from beginning to end.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to talk with me to explore your dream fishing vacation, there is no better time than right now! 

Lisa the Travel Expert

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