Buying A Father’s Day Gift Can Be Tough – Here’s the Secret

Father's Day Trip to the Grand Canyon

Father’s Day Trip to the Grand Canyon

Did you already buy your father’s day gift? I typically write strictly about fishing vacations, but today is different.  I started thinking about this topic with Father’s Day coming up. I know there can be much emotion, anxiety and frustration around a gift for that man in your life.

What does your Dad, husband or brother REALLY want for a father’s day gift?  Most men don’t reveal that secret…so here it is.

Buying A Father’s Day Gift For Somebody Who Has Everything

Remember when you were young trying to think of a father’s day gift for your Dad? Things probably have not changed much.   He seems to have everything. What is the most precious thing you have to give and he really wants?   Simply put, time together.

Our daughter and her Dad spent a week white water rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with a group last September.

  • They had been talking for some time about doing something together.
  • Their time together started months before the actual trip.
  • They spent hours together planning the adventure and the anticipation and build up to the trip was nearly as exciting as the trip itself.
  • My husband made her a photo album of the week on the river for her Christmas present.

I don’t think either of them will ever forget it.

What thing do you have that you would not trade for more time?

Time with your spouse, your children, your friends?   Fathers feel the same.

This Father’s Day, talk with Dad about something out of the ordinary—doing something together to have the experience of a lifetime together. Don’t accept the “I have everything I need” answer if you want to give him this special father’s day gift.

Do you have everything you need and want with him? He really doesn’t want you to accept it. Start talking about what you can do for father’s day and then what you will do and when. Find an adventure (perhaps a fishing adventure?) and turn this father’s day gift into a precious memory.

Explore my luxury fishing vacations site and see if something here calls to you. Let me know how you are going to accomplish creating the perfect time together.  It is time to make those precious memories!

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