The Father’s Day Gift For The Man Who Doesn’t Need Anything

Still thinking about your Father’s Day gift?

What is the perfect Father’s Day gift?  About now, my daughters start asking me what Dad wants.  His birthday is right around the corner, too so that is added pressure!

Father's Day Gift Bill Erin and Alex in Boquete Panama

Bill, Erin, and Alex at lunch in Boquete, Panama

I know there can be much emotion, anxiety and frustration around a gift for that man in your life who says he doesn’t need anything.

What is that most precious of commodities that everyone wants and needs more of?  Most of us are afraid to ask for it.

The Father’s Day Gift For The Man Who Doesn’t Need Anything

I remember trying to think of gifts for my Dad when I was young? Things probably have not changed much. He seemed to have everything. What is the most precious thing you can give and he really wants? Simply put, time together.

As our children have become adults, we still find ways to spend time together. The old saying “it is better to give than receive” is true. So how great is a gift where both people give and receive? Pretty great!

Father's Day Gift Bill and Erin rafting the Colorado River

Bill and Erin rafting the Colorado River

A gift of time to a person comes with the request of a commitment.  I admit that I give gifts of time on special occasions when good, positive emotions flow and that special person in my life is more likely to give the time back to me.  We can’t endlessly talk with our loved ones about what we will do some day.  There must be the commitment to actually do it. 

The Gift of Time

Whether it is a trip down the Grand Canyon, a week in Santa Fe, Chicago or Seattle, staying together in a mountain cabin in the early winter, or fishing in a place you love, the gifts of time together are the best gifts I have ever given and received. Exchanging the gift of time is the gift that really does keep on giving. You start talking, planning, anticipating and enjoying your time together. The buildup to your trip is almost as exciting as going. The memories do last forever and I take lots of pictures just to make sure!

Father's Day Gift Bill and Alex fishing in Alaska

Bill and Alex fishing in Alaska

What thing do you have that you would not trade for more time?

Time with your spouse, your children, your friends? Fathers feel the same way.

This Father’s Day, talk with Dad about something out of the ordinary—doing something together to have the experience of a lifetime together. Don’t accept the “I have everything I need” answer if you want to give him this special Father’s Day gift.

Father's Day Gift Bill Alex Erin Ready to Fly

Bill, Alex and Erin Ready to Fly in Alaska

Do you have everything you need and want with him? He really doesn’t want you to accept his answer that he has everything.

What have you heard him say for years that he wished he had the time to do? Find an adventure (perhaps a fishing adventure?) and turn this Father’s Day gift into a precious memory.

Explore my luxury fishing vacations packages and see if something here calls to you. Let me know how you are going to accomplish creating the perfect time together. It is time to make those precious memories!

Learn more about the history of Father’s Day and how it really all started on Mother’s Day.  

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