Costa Rica Fishing Season 2017-Fish, Weather, and Water

Costa Rica Fishing Season 2017 -Crazy At Times

Costa Rica fishing season Bill with sailfish

Bill with a nice sail in August

The 2017 Costa Rica fishing season was highly anticipated by us.

Our August 2016 trip was a good wet season trip and we were at Crocodile Bay in late February for a trip we had been planning for some heavy billfish battles.   

2016 was a tough fishing year from Central America to Alaska with one of the strongest El Ninos on record warming the Pacific Ocean.  In January, the beginning of the 2017 Costa Rica fishing season saw very good sailfish numbers that continued to increase into February. 

February and March are the peak of the sailfish season in Costa Rica.  Our expectations were high as we had picked the perfect time to go and hit the bit fish.

Billfish Came and Went in 2017

We spent a week in late February into the first week of April.  The captains and mates worked hard and we caught a few nice sailfish and I caught a beautiful blue marlin.  We fished inshore as well and caught a few medium size roosters.   Boats saw many sailfish during March jumping and playing in the teasers but for whatever reason, the sails prefer just sunning themselves. 

Costa Rica Fishing Season Sailfish

Gorgeous Sailfish

Todd Staley, Crocodile Bay fishing director, reported that April was one of the craziest months he had seen in twenty-five years with sailfish slow and marlin fishing very good.

Costa Rica fishing season Marlin

Marlin At The Boat

One group raised 41 marlin during their April trip.  All in all, some groups had fantastic fishing and for others fishing was very slow for the time of year. 

Costa Rica Fishing Season for Roosterfish Was Excellent

Water currents and winds make each Costa Rica fishing season different as I have described before and May ushered in the wet season.   As the blue water moved offshore, the inshore fishing began to pick up with good bottom fishing and lots of roosterfish. 

Costa Rica fishing season roosterfish

Beautiful roosterfish

Early July saw continued good rooster fishing and the blue water moved back inshore bringing in a few marlin and tuna.  

Costa Rica fishing season tuna

Nice tuna

August and September saw the best months for roosterfish of the 2017 Costa Rica fishing season.  In the first two weeks of August, 94 roosterfish were released at Crocodile Bay. 

A Really Wet Season This Year

The latest Crocodile Bay fishing report this week has the fishing a little up and down with some very rainy weather.   Nearly every Costa Rica fishing season has September and October as the wettest months and fishing is challenging with the changing conditions.  This is really the off season and everyone is working on boats, gear, and the lodge.  In the next few weeks, the rains will end and the dry season will begin and soon the 2018 Costa Rica fishing season will be here.

The 2017 wet season has been unusually rainy.  Everyone knows what a terrible year this has been for so many people in the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.   Tropical Storm Nate caused heavy rains in Costa Rica—especially in central and northern parts of the country.  With the ground already saturated, there was widespread flooding and mudslides which caused major damage to roads and agriculture and many deaths and injuries.   Fortunately for our friends on the Osa Peninsula, there was rain but no major damage.

Many of us have visited many of the places that have suffered so much loss.  We hope and pray for all those that are starting to recover and rebuild their lives.  I know our country and people will do everything we can to help.  One way we can help is to continue to travel and vacation if possible to these locations.  I know that will be difficult but many of the Florida and Gulf of Mexico coast vacation spots will have space available for that frigid winter get away.  Many favorite Caribbean and Central America destinations will be happy to have you as well.

Fishing Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Nature has long cycles where the atmosphere, winds, oceans, currents and land masses change and determine the environment and that environment is constantly in motion.  As I have written in many articles, those cycles from Alaska and the Arctic to Antarctica impact our lives in dramatic fashion and impact those few days a year that we are lucky enough to be fishing.  Didn’t a famous person once say, “Fishing is like a box of chocolates?”  If he didn’t, he should have said it.  2018 is right around the corner and I am looking forwarded to a new box. 

Lisa on the Boat Costa Rica fishing season

Hope to See You Soon on the Water!

If Costa Rica in on your radar for the next big fishing season, now is the time to make your reservation.  Call me now at 855-711-7773 and let’s plan your 2018 trip.







Conservation and Sustainment

Our good friend, Todd Staley at Crocodile Bay, was working with Gray Fish-Tag Research (GFR) in September to tag roosterfish for research.  Todd wrote this great article about Tagging Roosterfish and it is fun just to read his philosophies about fishing. 


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