Costa Rica August 2016 Offshore Fishing At Crocodile Bay

We Needed A Break So We Escaped to Costa Rica

Lisa and I have been planning the hosted trips to Crocodile Bay next year. Guess what? We couldn’t wait that long and decided to hop on a plane now and go and play for a while.  With a four day itinerary we decided one day each of offshore and inshore fishing, a day in the rainforest and then a leisurely day with a visit to a local chocolate farm would be wonderful, and it was.

I thought that after leaving Florida, the heat would be about the same and hopefully not worse than where we live. It is the rainy season, winter to the Ticos, and we were pleasantly surprised with refreshing cool weather in the 80’s. There were a couple of afternoon rain showers which is all good. We were in a rain forest after all!



Lisa walking down the pier our first morning


Costa Rica August 2016 Offshore Fishing -A Great Start to the Day

We started Luxurious Fishing Vacations for moments like this.  Mornings are so calm and serene on the water.  Lisa is walking down the pier to the boats in the distance at sunrise.  She’s also looking out to the point we will soon be heading around for sailfish. Luckily, Crocodile Bay is two hours behind us so getting up for our 6:30am date with the boat was quick and easy.  




Humpback whale nursing calf









Sunrise on the Golfo Dulce

We couldn’t tear our eyes away from this beautiful sunrise as we headed offshore seeking sailfish.  During the “winter” in Costa Rica at the Gulfo Dulce humpback whales from both hemispheres come to give birth and teach their calves important activities of survival.  This mama is feeding her young one.  What a special way for us to start our day.  It’s always heartwarming to see that the locals get as much pleasure and enjoyment watching the marine life as their guests.

The Girl With The Naturally Curly Hair

When I was in grade school, I remember the mothers  talking about their lisa-on-boat-costa-rica-august-2016-offshorelittle girl’s naturally curly hair. Remember Frieda, and her red “naturally” curly hair on  Charley Brown?  After running about 45 minutes, we are set up for sailfish.    Lisa has “naturally” curly hair and is use to bad hair moments with that great  combination of humidity and wind you can get in the tropics fishing for the big one.









Fishing Starts With Putting In Your Time



Watching the Teasers and Lines

Our run out to the best spot for sailfish and tuna was 45 minutes.  Lisa sits comfortably in the fighting chair watching the water.  Winter time in Costa Rica gets a little bouncy out there.  About the time she is going to sleep, a nice sailfish hits the bait and she has to go to work.

 Fish On!


 This is one of the best feelings in the world.  All the reeling pays off with a beautiful sailfish.




Now it is Bill’s turn.  Sailfish usually travel in groups and it is not uncommon to hook up two or even three at a time.   That didn’t happen this trip but a few minutes later a good sail hits the back bait way off the boat.








A beautiful sailfish right beside the boat.  This was a big fish that was exciting to catch.  He jumped many times and was beautiful in the sun as you can see.


A quick picture and then Giovanni sends him home.  All billfish and roosterfish are released.  












You won’t see people holding billfish in pictures anymore either.  Costa Rica requires you leave them in the water.  You can see Giovanni working to ensure the sailfish is in good shape and breathing well before releasing him.  

Coming In After A Great Day—Join Us Next Year








We had a great day on the 33′ strike tower boat with German (pronounced Herman) and Giovanni.  Winter time in Costa Rica is not really sailfish time.  We were fortunate we had a great captain and mate.  The next day another group went offshore and came back with some delicious tuna for our dinner!  

Next up, we will tell you all about fishing inshore the next day for roosterfish.  Great whale encounters and pictures, too.

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