Comprehensive Travel Insurance to Protect Your Travel Investment

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Protects Your Luxury Fishing Vacation

Why have comprehensive travel insurance?   You have been dreaming of your luxury fishing vacation for a long time.  You have made the investment and now you anxiously await your departure date with your family and friends for the trip of a lifetime.  We have sent many people to wonderful destinations taking months to plan every detail.  Unfortunately, we have had clients through no fault of their own have to change or cancel vacations and have those plans ruined.

                                  “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”                                                                                                          From Robert Burns poem “To A Mouse” 1786

What Happens If You Have to Cancel Your Trip?

The weather may be perfect and everything around the world operating like clockwork, but you still may have to cancel your trip. 

  • You or your spouse are injured or become ill or pregnant just before the trip;
  • Someone unexpected loses their job;
  • An aging parent or other family member gets ill;
  • A storm damages your home and you cannot leave;
  • Even delays starting or during a trip can be very costly

All of these items and many more are covered by comprehensive travel insurance.  We have travel insurance for every trip we take regardless of length or cost.  We care for our aging parents and unfortunately you never know when one might end up quickly in the hospital.  We experience delays due primarily to weather when traveling to and around Alaska.  One of our less frequent travel problems was in April 2010.  We arrived in Germany the day before the European airspace was closed due to the eruption of an Icelandic volcano.  A few days later, we had a flight to Florence, Italy to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary with a week-long trip.  All flights in northern Europe were canceled.  Our comprehensive travel insurance reimbursed the canceled flights and paid for our EuroRail tickets from Stuttgart to Florence.  We met a lot of great people on the train and what could have been a disaster turned into a wonderful story of a train ride through Bavaria and the Swiss and Italian Alps.

                    “I’m an optimist, but an optimist who carries a raincoat.”                                                                                     Harold Wilson, Former British Prime Minister

Your Flight Is Canceled, Delayed or You Miss a Connection

Nearly every winter it seems there are major snow storms in the US and other parts of the world that result in hundreds or even thousands of flight cancellations.  In October of 2015, Hurricane Patricia in the Pacific Ocean (the strongest storm ever to hit Mexico) caused over 700 domestic flight cancellations (300 international flights were canceled) mostly at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.  Comprehensive travel insurance reimburses the costs of canceled flights and missed connections and can also help you change flights.

Flight cancellations or delays at airport hubs thousands of miles away can cause your flight to be canceled or delayed.  Airlines do not reimburse any costs and fishing lodges do not reimburse trip costs for air cancellations or delays. 

comprehensive travel insurance flight delays

Love Field in Dallas TX Eric Gay/AP

In late August of 2015, we were in Alaska and hurricane force winds blew tons of ash into the atmosphere.  There was no volcano eruption, the ash covers a mountain in southern Alaska from the 1912 Novatupta-Katmai eruption over one hundred years ago.  Flights were canceled and delayed.  Our comprehensive travel insurance covered the extra lodging and flight fees.

A Storm Damages Your Destination

Trips are booked and paid for months in advance.  A storm or other natural disaster could damage the location or prevent you from getting to it.  Comprehensive travel insurance can reimburse the cancellation costs of the trip.

You Get Sick or Injured on Your Trip

If you get sick or injured on your trip or need to be evacuated for medical care, comprehensive travel insurance can cover the costs. 

Your Baggage is Delayed or Lost

Comprehensive travel insurance can reimbursement the costs of lost luggage.  Our luggage has been delayed on trips and our purchase of additional clothing and other items we needed while waiting our luggage to be delivered were reimbursed.

When You Think You Have Seen It All

We could go on for a long time with examples.   We love traveling to remote locations, making new friends, and catching great fish.  We know crazy things can happen and comprehensive travel insurance takes much of the worry out of our trips.  Generally, travel insurance is recommended by experts when people have nonrefundable payments for services and airfares that require change fees.  That is nearly always the case for us.

Getting more details about what travel insurance covers and a quote is easy.   Whether it is a fishing trip or another exciting adventure let us help you with that security blanket while traveling.  Feel free to reach out to Lisa at 855-711-7773.