Amazon Fishing Trips-Peacock Bass In the Brazilian Rain Forest

The Amazon Rainforest

Amazon fishing trips evoke memories of old movies about explorers in the jungle for me.  I think of a mysterious, powerful and magical place.


Sunset on the Amazon

The Amazon river basin is over 4,000 miles long and covers over 2.7 million square miles.  The Amazon rain forest is thought to be perhaps 100 million years old.  Great peacock bass fishing is the benefit for anglers also wanting a once in a lifetime experience in this mystical place.

Amazon Fishing Trips

Amazon fishing trips start in Manaus, the city at the heart of the Amazon basis.  Why is Manaus and the “Meeting of the Rivers” a great place to fish?  The map below tells the story. 


The coffee colored water of the Rio Solimoes is rich with sediment from the Andes Mountains.  The Rio Negro drains most of northern Brazil and is nearly sediment free.  The black water color comes from the decaying plant matter of the interior rain forest.  The Rio Negro is a slower and warmer river. The Rio Solimoes has a milk coffee color and is cooler with a faster current.  As you can see from this map from outer space, the two rivers run beside each other for several miles until they combine into the Amazon.  To put the map in perspective, the amount of water from both rivers is more volume than eight Mississippi rivers.

Amazon fishing trips are born during the wet season.  The rivers overflow their banks throughout the many watersheds.  There are thousands of them and levels vary based on the equator as well.  As the water levels start to fall, bait fish must enter more open water and the best fishing starts then.  Conditions vary greatly on the river and the only way to fish is to stay on the river.  Luxury yachts that can move hundreds of miles to the best parts of the river are the only way to go on Amazon fishing trips.  Your trip to the yacht from Manaus by float plane can take up to 90 minutes depending upon the yacht location.


The peacock bass (which is really not a bass species) is the most popular fish on the Amazon.  These fish are extremely aggressive and will attack any bait or fish in their territory.  Fishing on the river involves finding the right location with the right underwater structures which include holes, sand bars, sunken trees or brush or anywhere fish can hide.  As the waters recede into the main river channels and lagoons, the conditions change.  You will probably move to many locations and make many casts each day.  Needless to say, experienced captains and guides are essential to the success of all Amazon fishing trips.


There are over 3,000 freshwater fish species in the Amazon including payara, arawana, and piranha.  There are also gigantic catfish in the Amazon.  


Getting to Manaus and Your Fishing Yacht

Manaus has been a major trading and economic center for years with a population of over 2 million people.  We have a sample itinerary for Amazon fishing trips which start with getting to Miami, spending the night, and waking up early for the flight to Manaus.  You will get to Manaus around noon local time and staff will be there to greet you, help with luggage, and take you to your hotel.

You awake early the next day and after breakfast, meet in the lobby for your charter flight by float plane to the yacht.  When you arrive, the crew will help you with luggage and room assignments.  Refreshing drinks and hors d’oeuvres will served.  After lunch, you can unpack and relax or for those that just cannot wait–get on the river and fish a half day. 

Check out the sample itinerary on fishing and getting back home.  Amazon fishing trips are an adventure and there are many frequently asked questions we answer as well.

What to See in Manaus

Manaus is a large city that was once the center of the Brazil rubber boom.  There are many unique buildings to see and things to do in your stay overs before and after fishing:

  • Tour the Manaus Opera House built in a Italian theme
  • Visit the Palacio Rio Negro, a museum that was once the Governor’s residence
  • Walk the central market—Mercado Municipal Adolpho Lisboa
  • Fly seeing tours of the Anavilhanas Archipelago
  • Visit the Manaus fish market


Other Information About Brazil

Brazil is a stable, friendly country and Amazon fishing trips are very safe.  The currency is the Real (pronounced “Hay-eyes”) and you can exchange dollars for them in Manaus.  You do need a passport that is valid through a date at least six months longer than your return date.  You also need a Brazil tourist visa.  There is no longer a waiting period for the visa but you want to allow plenty of time to obtain it.  Please also visit our frequently asked questions page or call us with any questions.

We look forward to helping you take one of the most exciting fishing trips in the world.