Alaska Fishing Report August 2016 From The Boardwalk Lodge

Alaska Fishing Report August 2016 From The Boardwalk Lodge

Our Alaska fishing report August 2016 includes good weather news–the experts say that one of the strongest El Nino events in history has finally ended.   We all know that weather and water temperatures impact fishing.  El Nino brings warmer water to Alaska and drier conditions.   No matter the weather, I am always happy in Alaska on the water at a great fishing lodge.  Still, with the “Little Boy” finally gone we are all looking forward to more predictable fishing the remainder of this season and next.  Lisa and I spent several days at the Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge in early June this year.


Jay Mar, Head Fly Fishing Guide

This week, Lisa and I spoke with Jay Mar, the Lodge manager and head fly fishing guide, about current fishing conditions and prospects for the rest of the season.


Fantastic Fishing Day for Salmon


Salt Water Fishing

Jay said the king salmon season started slowly in June with dry conditions and warm water temperatures. Rains began to increase and by late June into July, kings coming through the waters had increased and guests were catching fish in good numbers. Kings were smaller this year than in the past which has been the case throughout Alaska and British Columbia.

The salmon fishing has been spotty but Jay said the great news is halibut fishing has been strong throughout the season as has other bottom fishing. The silver salmon run is late but there are some silvers in the area. Conditions are continuing to improve and late August into September is usually great silver fishing so we are staying optimistic.

Alaska-fishing-report-august-2016 -Flyfish

Exciting Fly Fishing Action

Fresh Water Fishing

Jay said the early season saw good stream fishing for cutthroat trout and some Dolly Varden and steelhead. Normally, summer is spent fishing for salmon migrating up the streams. Species follow one another with some overlap. Sockeye runs start in June followed by pinks and chums with silvers appearing in the water later in July through September.

The drier conditions this year caused thousands of salmon to stack in the salt water waiting for the rains to increase. The rains started and continue and all the salmon species began swimming into the rivers and streams. There are now huge numbers of salmon in the waters making fly fishing fantastic. Overall, fish species have arrived later than normal this year and it is difficult to predict the number of silvers for the rest of the season.

Read our article, “What is Your Favorite Alaska Fish Species? to learn more about all of the fish you can catch in southeast Alaska.



A Great Day Fishing at the Boardwalk

How Many Fish Will I Catch?

We meet people to go fishing all the time and this is always one of the first questions. I tell them how we have planned the trip, what species we are targeting, what conditions we expect, and my experience on past trips.  Then answer I do not know how many fish we will catch. There are many factors impact fishing.

I do give people one guarantee—you will be very happy at the Boardwalk and years later with the memories of your Alaska adventure. You will have spent several days at the premier Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge, three times voted Lodge of the Year and an Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge. You will have experienced the best atmosphere, accommodations, cuisine, scenery and an array of other adventures that Alaska has to offer. And yes, expert guides will do everything possible so you have a world class fishing experience in both salt and fresh water.


Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge

Read About Our Last Visit to the Boardwalk

We had a great trip to southeast Alaska and the Boardwalk in June. We fished both salt and fresh water and toured Prince of Wales Island. Our article “Southeast Alaska Fishing Lodges—The Ideal Location for Alaska Fishing” is the first in a series about that trip. In future articles, we share our trip with you. We traveled early to Ketchikan and want you to know some other things to experience before you get to the Boardwalk. We will also share our personal fishing experiences during the trip. We know people are interested in other activities, the culture of the areas we visit, and the entire southeast Alaska experience.

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